Epic Petty: Man Erects Giant Middle Finger Sculpture Over Town After A Salty Situation

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A Development Board Really Pissed Him Off

Middle fingas up!

This was one Vermont man’s shmood when he determined to erect an enormous statue of a center finger over the city of Westford.

According to WCAX, Ted Pelkey created the “artwork” as an announcement to folks he has beef with.

When a reporter requested him who the statue was meant for, he replied “It’s intended for the people who run the town of Westford.”


Pelkey says he’s been in a long-running dispute with the city over whether or not he can develop his property. He needs to maneuver his truck restore and monofilament recycling enterprise to the city so he can achieve extra enterprise and never pay lease in Swanton. However, Pelkey says Westford retains placing up boundaries and he believes the members of the city Development Review Board don’t wish to see him thrive.

“In my eyes, if somebody tells you they hate you right up front, it’s a hate crime,” Pelkey mentioned.

Uuh, mkay.

Notes from the final Development Review Board present that the board was involved about how Pelkey’s constructing can be used, amongst different issues.

Pelkey, nonetheless, believes these issues are delay techniques. So he spent $4,00zero on his sculpture to show a degree. When requested what he hopes will occur now that his sculpture has been seen, Pelkey mentioned, “I’m hoping we can get it through to the people in the town of Westford to have a really long look at the people who are running their town.”

Residents had blended reactions to the art work towering above their city and Route 128.

“You can’t believe somebody went through all that work. It’s very big. Everybody got the message. But a lot of work went into it,” mentioned Carol Jordan.

“It’s very odd,” a Deanna Wilcox mentioned. “And certainly not the love that I hope everybody is spreading in the world today that we really need.”

Some folks weren’t offended in any respect. “It’s somebody’s expression and it didn’t hurt anybody as far as I know except for maybe somebody’s feelings,” a Mark Sustic mentioned.

The icing on high is the city can’t do something concerning the big center finger. The choose board instructed WCAX that the sculpture is taken into account public artwork, so it has protections.

Smart strikes from Mr. Pelkey, regardless of the additional petty.

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