Florida Deputy Deplorably Body Slams Sixth Grader, Sheriff Denies It Was ‘Excessive Force’

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Florida Deputy Caught On Tape Body Slamming Student

A Florida (after all) deputy is not going to see penalties for his actions after he was caught on digicam violently violating a pupil. A 15-second video reveals a Sheriff’s deputy physique slamming a sixth-grade pupil outdoors of Lincoln Park Acamedy in Fort Piece, Florida.

According to an incident report obtained by WPTV the confrontation between the scholar and deputy occurred on April 9. Before the physique slam, the scholar, who was not recognized, had already been suspended from faculty for being disruptive in a classroom.

Later he was standing outdoors “being disruptive” whereas ready for his mother and father to return choose him up. Lincoln Park Academy’s Assistant Principal mentioned nevertheless that the scholar was not supposed to go away his workplace and requested the deputy to assist deliver the scholar again inside.

The Deputy reported that the scholar ignored his instructions and “continued walking with his fist clenched and had an agitated expression on his face. His brows were turned down and he was punching his fist into the palm of his hand” earlier than the slam.

St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken Mascara is denying that the deputy used extreme drive.

“Our school resource deputy is very familiar with this student and knows he has a violent history, including possessing weapons,” Mascara mentioned throughout a press convention reviews WPTV.

He added {that a} knife had lately been confiscated from the scholar and the scholar needs to be escorted round campus as a result of he’s been “physically aggressive to staff and students.”

Do YOU assume that justifies that physique slam???

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