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If you’re an independent artist/band, you probably wonder how to get radio airplay for song on a big radio station. As a matter of fact one of the top problems faced by artists is how to get radio play.

How to get radio playWith the growth of internet radio, online radio has become one of the most popular ways to share and listen to music. In an effort to offer help to unsigned artists to share their work with a wide spectrum of audience, 102 Mix is now counted among the small number of radio stations that play independent artists.

Offering music from a wide range of genres, 102 The Mix is often considered as one of the best radio stations, and now that they are open to play independent artists, this is an excellent time to submit your music for radio play. More exposure can take the music career to a new level, and 102 The Mix brings forward this excellent opportunity for up-and-coming artists.

Even though there is a lot of competition in the market among the well-known artists, as well as new artists, 102 Mix ensures that there are some slots where artists can get a chance to be played.

Once you submit your music for radio play, 102 Mix will also tweet the song on their official Twitter Account and post on the 102 Mix Facebook Page for more exposure. This is an opportunity that previously was not open to independent artists.

Offering music from a wide range, 102 the Mix has always remained the first choice for people who like to listen to radio online. With hundreds thousands of listeners, this radio station is the perfect outlet to get heard by the masses. Some genres of music that 102 mix offers is r&b, pop, rock, hip-hop, and country.

The easiest way to send music to them is by going to their station and clicking on ‘Get Radio Play’. You must ensure that the song is of top quality, meaning mixed and mastered properly. Please also be sure that the song is radio friendly, meaning no swear words that can not be played on radio.

When you are ready to submit music for radio play, also be sure to send the Track Artist, Song Title, and a high quality square album cover image. You must also include your twitter username if you want to be tweeted when the song plays.

You don’t need to included any additional information to be posted on facebook.

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