Janky Journey: Cable Cord Snaps On Amusement Park Slingshot Ride Just Before It Launches [Video]

Amusement Park Ride Breaks Down On Passengers

Final Destination movies are nothing compared to cheating death in real life. Two Florida tourists are counting their lucky stars this week after facing quite a scare on a Cobra Adventure Amusement Park ride. On Saturday, the slingshot ride at the Front Beach Road park broke while two passengers were strapped in and about to ride.

Video footage shows the men strapped down on the Cobra ride as the employee gets ready to slingshot them into the air. The all of a sudden, the cord holding the ride snapped and ripped into shreds before the passengers even left the ground. Krissy Hurst, who recorded the viral footage, says the park did issue the men a refund and that the scare didn’t stop the men from hopping on the go-carts before they left

The slingshot ride was cancelled for the rest of the night, however, park officials say it’s back up and running now, and inspectors are coming out to check it. Be safe, though.

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