You Can’t Hide: Hateful Hypocrite Cheetoh-In-Chief Cries “Due Process” And Gets Dragged By Ava Duvernay

Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images/ D Dipasupil/Getty Images/Jen Lowery/SplashNews

Donald Trump Talks About The Damage Of False Accusations And Gets Dragged

One thing about the past. It does not forget. Old Orange in Chief’s history of hate is biting him in his hypocritical hindparts… Cheetoh sent out a tweet Saturday presumably about his staff secretary Rob Porter, who has been accused of domestic violence by both of his former wives, CRYING about due process and how people’s lives are being shattered by mere allegation.

The problem with that is that Donald Trump is the same a$$hole who called for the death penalty for five TEENAGE boys who were later proven innocent.

Ava Duvernay took to Instagram and Twitter to share the sentiments of Raymond Santana, one of the Central Park Five and reveal plans to bring their story to the screen.

Here’s the original tweet from Santana:

And Ava wasn’t the only one speaking out against Trump’s hypocrisy.

Are you looking forward to seeing Ava’s version of the Central Park Five story? Do you think we’ll get to see it before Ol’ Orangey leaves office?

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